How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

Шинжлэх ухаан & Технологи

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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    @SmarterEveryDay hello I love your vids

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    Corey Jenson

    6 цагийн өмнө

    You think those candles are crazy, look at the old school Navy shipboard fire fighting OBA's.

  • Electronic Chronic

    Electronic Chronic

    7 цагийн өмнө

    I assume they pre heat the rich amine so the boiler shock doesn't occur!

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    Micro balance equations R different from macro. Only a difference makes a difference, bud. I got nuttin out of the scale of materials needed, per person, 4 eXample.

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    How to consistently beat the ever changing algorithm? Avoid the algorithm. Genius (every day).

  • J Perez
    J Perez7 минутын өмнө

    the only primitive science in the submarine is the use the English system of units. omg

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin12 минутын өмнө

    Im guessing these Oxygen Candles are similar to how the emergency oxygen is made on Aircraft.

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    MegadethTillDeth14 минутын өмнө

    Thank God for these people.

  • Jon Rayner
    Jon Rayner15 минутын өмнө

    What other by-products does the oxygen candle produce? Just oxy? If more, what happens to the other?

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    You know what I'd like to see? A room full of the 1.1k people who downvoted this. I'm just so curious what it'd look like.

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    Destin, you never disappoint.

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    Danny Chariot19 минутын өмнө

    anyone else reading the subtitles? "laughs like a man who has accidentally touched hot things in the past" omg XD

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    no ka22 минутын өмнө

    Is it because they are filming youtube video? I just noticed the guy explaining the candles has a nice hair

  • Jay Corrales
    Jay Corrales22 минутын өмнө

    How are they letting you view and record this information about a classified military vessel, and why are you posting this on YT?

  • Michael O'Brien
    Michael O'Brien23 минутын өмнө

    I thought Dow said that they used the pressure of the depth to push the CO2 out. But the pressure would seem to keep it in.

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    Arthur Moorhead26 минутын өмнө

    why does this feel like the mythbusters?

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    All I can think of watching this video is pink sus

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    Gaius van Baelsar28 минутын өмнө

    kewl! sub oxygen candles are actually really big hot hands

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    Hey destin I have a video idea for you... I think you should do a video of how a radar gun works. I was just thinking so maybe people will agree please think about the idea and I will keep looking on you channel. Thanks!

  • Michael B. Titman
    Michael B. Titman29 минутын өмнө

    I’m curious at how the first iterations of submarines found solutions to these problems.

  • jeremy dutton
    jeremy dutton31 минутын өмнө

    Yoooooooo i went to high school with Dows wife small world lol

  • Lea Tex
    Lea Tex33 минутын өмнө

    I supose there are some other details, because air contains just 21% of oxigen. We breath air (a mix of gasses) not only O2. Pure O2 is toxic for humans. Sure there may be some procedure to get pure air with the correct mix. It's much more than oxigen. I imagine a submarine as a big SCUBA diving aire tank. Anyway, great video like all others! Thanks for sharing.

  • Linux Ninja
    Linux Ninja34 минутын өмнө

    A bit of advice: Learn the Navy ratings. And don't call the Petty Officers "Sir". Knowing which ratings are doing which job is informative.

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    “Where you from?” “Ohio” “Oh...”

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    SmartEveryDay is Russian spy. Mission accomplished

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    Good thing he didnt sabotage O2...(for legal reasons, that's a joke)

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    Hmmm. Isn’t this like... classified? 🤨😅

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    Use plants very good source of o2 and takes co2

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    Who is at CAMS? Cyan is sus.

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    André GraçaЦагийн өмнө

    I can't understand a lot of what that Dow dude is saying :/

  • Antonio Castro
    Antonio CastroЦагийн өмнө

    But if you burn 24 candles in a day, I guess you don't have much storage room in a Sub for candles so how many days can you stay submerged....

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    Hii sirrrr I want to start technical channel in yt Which topic I have to start with?

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    In hindi (indian languages

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    Thanks for the content. Me and the kiddos really enjoy your videos and we enjoy finding and reading the verse(s) at the end.

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    Didnt know Austin Evans works on a sub

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    So many awkward moments...

    LAURENT POIRIERЦагийн өмнө


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    “Where you from?” ...”Ohio.” ...”OH”

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    wow, a half an hour? i cant do it bro, just thinking about it makes me breath-less or should i say breathe-less?

  • Keith Stewart
    Keith StewartЦагийн өмнө

    Idiot question here Destin, Are these people breathing [near] pure O2 ? Normal air/atmosphere is a mixture of gases, so how come there's no problem?

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    Plants: Am I a joke to you?

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    There's a scripture about creation at the end of every video. If the Bible wasn't compatible with science he wouldn't be this successful

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    How do they remember all of this to the point of explaining it all??? Lol

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    "There's a lot of stuff on the screen right now, and that's kind of how that happens" Thats gotta be my favorite SmarterEveryDay explanation ever.

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    Why don't they put screen doors on subs?

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    Only someone named DOW would be from ohio

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    Why is oxygen periodically added ?

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    deep dive, i see what you did

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    alternate title: Nickeh30 teaches us about submarines

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    Wow I can't believer they let you film in there. I was forced to delete a selfie I took while touring a sub. 👀👍

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    Jason Patterson2 цагийн өмнө

    A clinker is the slag left over from burning coal in a furnace. Same thing here - mineral/glass remains from a very hot fire.

  • Mike Motie
    Mike Motie2 цагийн өмнө

    To the scrubber, there is a heat exchanger that allows the rich amine leaving the absorber to absorb residual the heat from amine leaving the boiler.

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    Michael J Fox look alike lol.. Wow

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    ocean has air. they take that air and filter out their co2. k done. dont really need a 29 minute video for that. also if im wrong then meh. but still my point makes more sense and is most likely infinitely safer than using nuclear power for oxygen. so one thing i never understood. why are we using nuclear power for a submarine when we can just use hydroelectric power instead. i mean your moving forward thus propelling water which means you have infinite clean safe energy and its stupid easy to filter air out of water for use. are we addicted to making things that are highly explosive as a power source or was there an actual reason for using a nuke as a battery in a confined metal tube. i can understand if its for things like storing nukes since most of the time you will be still and not moving thus needing that power but aside from that if your moving exploring etc cant you just use basic hydroelectric power instead.

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    Why have I never heard of this channel. Fills a certain void in my life.

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    Wow, there is not much that can draw my attention this long. Gz you did it!!

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    Getting to Yes...a very good book. The concepts help you focus on what's important in negotiations.

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    I love my RAYCON earbuds. I’ve bought 4 pair of the E55’s. Two pair I keep in my pocket. Two pair I’ve given to my son. Plus their Bluetooth headphones are outstanding in clarity and sound deadening.

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    it will not surprise me to find out this guy is a cinese spy

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    Stupid question but cant you just take the carbon off CO2?

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    The complexity of that boat scares me.

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    How do they deal with 50 sailors farting all day and night? I'd imagine there have to be some kind of carbon filters or else that whole place would smell like farts BO and morning breath after a week at most

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    In 1979, a former nuclear submarine commander visited a hot site about 5 miles from me. Not too long after that, another former nuclear submarine commander gave a talk in my neighborhood. Three Mile Island. But they didn't come to talk about subs. I wondered about subs and how they worked but figured if I searched the details, I'd have all the Alphabet Agencies on my butt. In my travels I have met people of all trades, including clandestine ones but never met a submariner. Thanks for this excellent presentation. It has helped satisfy some of my curiosity about subs.

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    IOWA REP!!

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    Man, this guy looks just like my cousin.

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    Wait... Why you keep saying boat?

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    Brilliant video, thank you!!

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    11:23 1 candle burns for 1h 2 candles burns for 2h.. OK.. But if they burn one after the other OF COURSE... well.. According to them, if you listen carefully, 2 candles burning at the same time.. will burn for 2 hours..😕 This video is filled with these kinds of absurds and non-logical statements like this one.. THIS GUY MAY SOUND/LOOK CREDIBLE, BUT ALWAYS DOUGHT BEFORE BELIEVING BLINDLY

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    I'm gonna get those guys a few baby plants to help them out w/ the oxygen and CO2.

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    The small vessel partly branch because slope surprisingly repair below a sordid cut. abrasive, instinctive segment

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    Ok. Question. While doing this off loading or off gassing wouldn’t that make them susceptible to detection since most detection underwater is done through sound? Bubbles equal sound or noise.

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    9:16 (Looking for acronym) lmao

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    the crew of this sub is so freaking handsome

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    7:55-8:02 Why is it dangerous to extract chlorine from NaCl..? That's the new method to have clean pool water.. Other than throwing chlorine in the pool to have clear water to swim in, people now use salt systems.. We all know that chlorine is bad for every living creatures, ... So why do we still use it the " purify " the water we swim in ?!!..

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    Dude I almost voted him out he acted so sus talking about oxygen so much

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    Thank you for making this. I am a retired Air Force Senior NCO and was so proud watching this. Most people have no idea what it takes to make that submarine run (including me) and keep us safe. These young people are absolute experts in their fields and I am extremely proud of them! Most folks have no idea how important each job in the military is for the overall function of the military. May God continue to bless all the men and women in our military and America! Thank you all for your service and thank you, again for making this video.

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    Subs most important job: 1. Dudes that create oxygen. 2. Dudes that keep the nuclear reactor from melting down and exploding.

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    This is incredible

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    now that I know how oxygen is made on a submarine....i STILL feel that I would NOT wanna be on a submarine :) interesting compared to my time on a plane in the USAF tho

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    Enjoyed the video very much. Greetz from Australia. Mick

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    Hey Destin I just wanted to thank you for your videos. I love to watch and seldom miss an episode. Your passion and excitement for learning is so refreshing. We are so fortunate to have information and ways to learn practically anything, at our finger tips via the internet. I really don't think the younger generation fully understands what a privilege this is. Being that I'm on the back side of 40 I am amazed at how easy it is to find information and learn these days. Anyway I just wanted to thank you for your videos and dedication to education. Keep the awesome videos coming.

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    I think the term "clinker" come from the old days of steam locomotives or other kinds of boilers. The ash residue in the firebox fuses into stone-like chunks of very hard material. They're so hard they make a "clink" sound when you bang them together.

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    How much oxygen does each candle produce?

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    Clearly the moderator has never repaired a vehicle or worked in a semiconductor or manufacturing plant. Sniffers have been used to find AC leaks in air conditioning units and manufacturing plants since Jesus was a boy. Come on!!!

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